Mature skincare

Mature skin is not a skin type, as is the case with sensitive or oily skin. The skin ages with age. After the age of 25, our skin begins to change, and mature skin appears around the age of 45. The care and hydration of the skin have a huge impact on the aging process of the skin. Dry epidermis will begin to lose its elasticity faster.


Mature skin, which is what? 


Mature skin is characterized primarily by a loss of firmness and elasticity. Then, collagen and elastin fibers and a very important substance, which is hyaluronic acid, disappear. Clear wrinkles appear on the skin. Other features of mature skin include:


  • drooping corners of the mouth, eyes and eyelids;
  • irregular face oval;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • drooping skin on the jaw line;
  • deepened nasolabial furrow;
  • dry skin;
  • discoloration of the so-called senile;
  • dilated capillaries visible to the naked eye;
  • thin and flabby skin under the eyes.


What to avoid in order to keep a youthful appearance as long as possible? Factors contributing to the aging process of the skin:


  • improper nutrition;
  • smoking;
  • drinking too much alcohol;
  • polluted environment (free radicals);
  • atmospheric factors (strong wind, low, high temperature, sun);
  • unhealthy lifestyle (too little sleep, lack of physical activity).

How to care for mature skin?


The care of mature skin is a real challenge, the more that it is not limited only to the use of appropriate cosmetics. We should also support the skin from the inside with an appropriate diet, supplementation, physical activity and regeneration. We cannot forget about cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin of the face.


  1. Two-step cleansing - every day, in the morning and in the evening, cleanse your face with products suitable for your skin type. According to Japanese skincare, cleansing is a health-promoting activity.

  2. Exfoliation - remember about regular skin peeling at home. It prevents the formation of blackheads, the skin regains its freshness, and above all, it will be able to absorb active substances from cosmetics more effectively.

  3. Tonizowanie - do not forget about the tonic that will restore the skin's proper pH and help prepare it for the absorption of other used products, such as serum and cream.

  4. Moisturizing - proper nourishment of the skin is the key to success, especially in the case of mature skin, which becomes dry, dull, tired and deprived of its former glow.

  5. Sun protection - never forget about protection against UV radiation. Every day, regardless of the season, apply SPF 30 cream or more to your face.

  6. Healthy diet - Supplement your diet with foods rich in unsaturated fats, such as nuts, avocados, fish and linseed oil.

  7. Yoga of the face - regularly exercise the facial muscles. You can easily find facial yoga classes on YouTube. Even 5 minutes a day is enough!

  8. Face massage - properly performed, has an anti-wrinkle, lifting and stimulating effect on skin cells.

  9. Physical activity - regular exercise has a good effect on the body's hormonal balance, as well as the blood supply to the skin, which has a direct impact on its health and appearance.

  10. Regeneration - stress, exhaustion, too little sleep: these are the factors that directly accelerate the aging process of the skin that can be seen on our face. Remember that your body needs rest from time to time. Take a break from training, get a good night's sleep, relax in an aromatic bath, and drink a glass of herbal infusion before going to bed.

Must Have Kiré Skin - Polish natural cosmetics for mature skin


The care of mature skin requires a conscious choice of cosmetics. Thanks to the active ingredients contained in them, we provide it with what it needs and stimulate the regeneration processes. Natural cosmetics below Kiré Skinwhich sours must have for mature skin:



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