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Fermented Pomegranate & Salicylic Acid Moisturizer

Fermented Pomegranate & Salicylic Acid Moisturizer is intended for the care of sensitive skin.


We know perfectly well that in nature mighty slumber
strength worth using! By creating ours
the lines of cosmetics we focused on teas
and their beneficial properties:

Timless with green tea
The Art Of Glow with black tea

Timeless tea

Fermented Goods

Fermentation can enrich cosmetic ingredients with new properties. Their structure changes and their bioavailability and nutrients increase they double their density and have a stronger effect. Fermented ingredients help stop premature aging of the skin because rich are in amino acidswhich stimulate the production of collagen, vitamins, organic acids and antioxidants.

discover the power of fermentation

stem cells

Stem cells and their mixtures are completely compounded naturaland thanks to the fact that they are produced in in a clean and controlled laboratory environment - they are free from any influence of pesticides, fertilizers or air pollution. Biotechnology is a field that respects nature and biodiversitywithout interfering with it and without harm - does not require farmland or plantations. Just a few millimeters of a given plant is enough to create new ones precious cells.

energy boost

healthy glow

The literal translation of the word "geisha"she is an" artist. "No wonder that we reached for knowledge mysterious Japanese girls and we created a series based on black teawhich is the perfect tool to practice THE ART OF RADIANT CER. Containing a wealth of ingredients that help regain a healthy glow of the skin, such as: watermelon extract, Saccharide Isomerate, fig water, pear extract, Indian jasmine or mangosteen stem cells.

the art of glow

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Kiré Skin is a Polish cosmetic brand with natural, vegan skincare inspired by Japan. The name of the brand comes from Kirei Hada, which means "beautiful skin" in Japanese. The mission of our brand is to educate about natural ingredients and their properties and to build awareness in the subject of proper and systematic care (which does not always have to be extensive).

Based on the knowledge and experience of Geisha, we have created a 4-stage Kiré Skin Ritual, which consists of:





For each of these steps, we have skin care cosmetics dedicated to the needs of the skin. Kiré Skin has 4 lines in its portfolio: Timeless, which is based on green tea and was created to help you delay the aging process of the skin, The Art of Glow based on black tea and as the name suggests, this line is suitable for people who need deep hydration and illumination and Out of the Blue for problematic and acne skin. The latest line is Bloom, which focuses on the multifunctionality of products and has only one product - SPF, but there are plans to expand this collection. On the brand's website and social media, you can also learn about shortened care rituals dedicated to each line.

Cosmetics from Kiré Skin are addressed to both women and men, because skincare does not depend on gender. All Kiré Skin products are vegan and not tested on animals. We make sure that our ingredients are 100% natural. In addition, the formulas draw on the care secrets of the inhabitants of Asia, such as fermentation, rice water or extracts from ginseng and other plants.

Asia inspires us not only cosmetically, we also try to implement the Japanese lifestyle in our company. Being  "kiré" is all about enjoying the daily routine and part of a conscious lifestyle. Kiré Skin cosmetics help to achieve a state in which we feel beautiful in our own skin, although it is not always perfect. We believe that taking care of yourself and your needs is an integral part of everyday, happy life.